Meet Mayatiita. The easy smile and relaxed demeanor belies the powerhouse work ethic of a man that, like many that work the land, works for as long as the sun is above the horizon. Glowing with the same living energy of his greens, this gentleman is living testament to the core value of his life’s work “Prana Greens”.

“Prana” – meaning life, from the Sanskrit prã “to fill” is a mission statement best illustrated by looking into the most necessary requirement of our health: to eat.

Among our significant dietary needs is the function of the haemoglobin in our blood. This “protein” makes up 97% of our blood stream, carrying oxygen to our every living cell, and carrying away the carbon dioxide that results from the energy each cell “burns”. It is easy to understand how important it is to eat foods that supports the body in maintaining the right level of haemoglobin.

There is something incredibly interesting about the core “protein” within fresh greens. We all understand that the plant kingdom has based it’s life around chlorophyll, which performs the function of transforming air and water into complex carbohydrates through the energy of the sun. It is powerful to see that chlorophyll is molecularly identical to haemoglobin, but for the core ion of magnesium in chlorophyll, and for haemoglobin of iron.

The green chlorophyll in living greens is the most immediate and most readily absorbed resource of the necessary goodness to maintain our own blood health; and to note the magnesium gained through eating the chlorophyll in living greens helps to maintain emotional health! Magnesium is hugely instrumental in restoring a stressed or depressed mind to joyful function.

Mayatiita’s journey towards growing you the most crispy, succulent and vibrant greens began in earnest twelve years ago, from the perhaps surprising need for wheat-grass for the booming Wellington fresh juice stall industry…

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